Largemouths are often thought of as the crème de la crème of the bass species.  We often get a lot of questions about the best ways to spot and lure these beauties. Here are a few tips and tricks:

1.)  Avoid the current! Largemouth bass prefer standing water like lakes and reservoirs.

2.)  Try going after them early in the morning or later at night when they are feeding. These guys tend to “nap” during the day and may not be as excited to bite.

3.)  Always check the weather forecast and fishing conditions for the day prior to heading out on the water.  If lake water is higher due to recent rain, bass may be hanging out closer to the bottom and slightly farther out of reach of your cast.

4.)  Though largemouth bass are hungry critters that rarely seem to pass up a meal, it’s best to try out natural bait like worms, bugs, crawfish or whatever you feel most comfortable baiting.

5.)  If they don’t bite right away, be patient. Try changing up your cast, your bait or your lure a few times during the day to get a different result. If you see a largemouth approach your bait then turn away, it may just be because it’s a lazy fish by nature.  Quickly re-bait with a new offering and cast again!

6.)  When you feel a bite, keep in mind that largemouths tend to “run and jump” as they attempt to struggle free.  Remain calm when reeling in your catch, and if you feel you’ve got a big guy on the other end, try to pump your rod a bit between reels gently enough to avoid snapping the line.

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