The First 10,000 Casts Winter Waters

Here in the Northeast, winter's cold winds are the herald of a coming hibernation. A stillness in the outdoor homes of birds, beasts and fish alike. Those lakes, rivers and ponds so alive and thriving in the warmer seasons begin to freeze forming a real and solid ceiling over the fish for whom winter means a stillness that marks the end of one life cycle and the promise of a new one to come.

Every season has a beauty all it's own, and while the fishing season is put on hold here in the Lower Hudson Valley of NY State the grandeur of frozen, sleeping winter waters is undeniable. Walk with me through the waters of my hometown as they transition to ice...

Fast moving waters from the dam just up stream hold the ice at bay on this creek that became home to so many lake fish washed through with the draining earlier in the season. Many were rescued and we have hopes that those stranded survive the freeze.

Can we comprehend having a definite ceiling on our world?

Bass or Bluegill and the occasional perch, this small local pond is always my last stop before home after a day of fishing. The only thing missing from my shadow is the silhouette of a rod...

The water behind me is where I took my biggest fish of the season. She's in there somewhere, shielded now but she and I will be looking out for each other again when the sun shines higher and the ice softens...

A battered canoe and a weathered boat, now beached sit still reminding us of a past season's fun and adventure as the water hardens and the trees, brush and bank vegetation thins and withers and sleeps till it's their time again.

The infamous pond where I threw my frog only to be taunted by the bass who, if the have a sense of humor must surely have been laughing at me after missing the set on no less than ten strikes.

Right up there. By the trees. But I'll be back, with that frog and we'll see who has the last laugh. I know they won't make it easy. But who wants easy...

The sign says No Dogs Allowed yet someone is always walking their dog here. Wonder if they'll pay as much heed to the red sign?

Perhaps the area's most iconic lake. I and many others have fished and landed sizeable bass from this creaking, swaying weather beaten dock. Kayakers and boaters a frequent sight launching from here with hopes and rods and thoughts of the Big One.

This will be the start lake of our Kayak Bass Fishing Tournament Series and my first one...

The park had one surprise left for me as winter descends upon us here in Rockland County, NY. Our frequent visitors from further up North always happy to leave a present on a windshield...

These are some of the waters of my home, frozen now for a bit turning from ever moving films of vibrant life to still picture waters but not diminished in beauty, not at all.

To everything
There is a season
And a time to every purpose, under heaven (The Byrds)

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  • Eric J On

    Lloyd that’s awesome bro! We’ll have to compare notes! I’m in Fla end of February. Should be fishing 10,000 islands or OKEECHOBEE!

  • Lloyd Chavis Jr On

    Beautiful brother. I’m glad I don’t really have to deal with ice. I’m gonna try and fish my 1st kayak tournament this year as well. Hooah!!!

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