Bottom Bouncing

Bottom bouncing is done from a drifting or trolling boat, and it’s a great way to attract or locate fish during most seasons and times of day.


Bottom bouncing, a modified form of drift fishing or trolling, is an effective way to attract fish and cause them to strike or start feeding. Using buck tail jigs or natural baits, bottom bouncing is usually done from a moving boat (drifting or using a trolling motor) by dragging the bait or lure along the bottom, causing it to bounce along raising puffs of sand or mud. This is also an excellent method for locating fish if you are not familiar with the waters. 

  1. Use a buck tail jig or natural bait and drag it along the bottom.
  2. Drag the lure to bounce along stirring up small clouds of sand or mud.
  3. After a few strikes with bottom bouncing, you can drop anchor and apply other methods such as still fishing, jigging, or casting to hook the particular kind of species you’ve attracted.
  4. Remember to check the bait frequently for weeds and other debris that may be picked up as it moves along the bottom.

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