Peak Days

The sun and the moon are the two major sources of astral energies that daily bombard the earth and all her lifeforms. The closer they are to you at any given moment, the stronger the influence. The day of a New or Full Moon will provide the strongest influence in each month.


Peak Month

June always has more combined sun-moon influence than any other month. During the Full Moonthe sun and moon are nearly opposite each other and very few minutes pass without one or the other being in our sky. During a New Moon, both bodies are in near-perfect rhythm travelling the skies together with their forces combined. Because of the interaction between the many lunar and solar cycles, no two days, months or years are ever identical.

Peak Times

When a Solunar Period falls within 30 minutes of sunrise or sunset (weather permitting) you can anticipate very good fishing.

Length of Periods

Fish do not feed all the time. They feed most actively during a Solunar Period. Fish usually feed actively at sunrise and sunset, but generally the best fishing times of the day are at the odd hour feeding periods.