Ice Fishing


Ice fishing provides anglers an opportunity to go fishing during the colder months of the year. A unique experience, ice fishing can offer anglers a chance to fish almost any spot of a lake or river without a boat. It can also offer individuals a chance to get outside, breathe in the winter air and enjoy time with family and friends.

Ice fishing is concentrated in certain areas of the country where the weather permits ice to thicken enough for walking, but that does not mean the activity is limited to those who live in those areas. It requires different tools and techniques than fresh or salt water fishing. Once you have been on the ice and tried the sport, you may find you like ice fishing just as much, maybe more, than other types of fishing.

This type of fishing involves the use of an ice auger to drill holes into the ice on a frozen lake, pond or river and then catching fish on hooks and lines through the openings in the ice. To help provide protection from the wind and cold, anglers often fish inside of ice shanties or portable shelters.